How To Fall Off Your Bike

I have found that I am a bit of a master at something on my bike! So I can’t ride fast, or cut through mud like a hot knife through butter. I climb badly at best no matter how much time I put into training. But I still get out on my bike and have a go.
And a go I had last weekend on my cyclo cross bike. I went to Wakley Woods
for the first time. What a sneaky little find, it’s good fun. A nice red run, forty minutes of wiggly winding trails. When I was upright that is. Could I stay on my bike, nope. It was like I had my tree root homing device on. Anything I didn’t want to ride at or in to seemed to have the gravitational pull of Mars. My one saving grace was I did lots of sideways falling and no over the bars I’m yet to experience that little gem.

Today I took my mountain bike up there it was super fun but a word of warning it is a quagmire once it rains.
I have never seen mud like it. But surviving the slides was monster fun.

The coffee shop lady was so unimpressed when I turned up covered in mud almost head to toe.
This was mostly to do with coming off a few times. My friends will be sure to remind me just how good I am at falling off my bike.. Finally a brake through I’m good at something on a bike. Even if it’s falling off.


Afghanistan has bikes too!


Sporting my club kit and DPM outside my Pod in Afghanistan.

The good news is I’m back and preparing for my first cyclo cross event. See Y’all soon

RIDE JOURNAL…The Coffee Table Mag Every Cyclist Should Read

If you love bikes as much as I do take a look at this super slick publication.

Click the link, scroll down to the bottom of the page for free pdf copys of editions one and two. Down load and read to your hearts content   RIDE JOURNAL

My only let down is once again not nearly enough attention is payed to the women in this sport, but hey maybe the change is coming…

New Mountain Bike Routes Fineshade Forest Rutland

Bit more video to wet those MB appetites…

I’ll be heading up there to test them out tomorrow


Halfords Cycle Tour Series Is Coming To Peterborough

Its that time of year again when the  Green Festival runs through Peterborough. The bit that has me hoping up and down with glee is the National Cycle Tour Series Event taking place on Tuesday the 31st of May. We will see the top British Pro Teams take on a 1.1km circuit  around the City Center. Great for spectators as you get to see the riders loads.  The racing is kicked off with the Elite Women at 5pm whoop. This will be the first round of the Johnson Health Tech Women’s Grand Prix.

Elite Womens Grand Prix Launch

It’s really good publicity for women’s cycling to try and grow it and make it bigger,” says Hannah Rich of the Horizon Fitness team (pictured centre, with jersey).  “I’m really looking forward to trying to make women’s cycling a bigger part of cycling in Britain.

“I think all the riders will help make it a good show for everyone coming along to watch.  There’ll be just as much to watch as in the men’s race, we’re not just going to sit in and ride around as a bunch, we’re going to make it as entertaining as possible.

“I’m really looking forward to it, and I should be racing every round, so looking to the Overall competition too.” Halfords Tour Series

Jon Johnston, MD of Johnson Health Tech UK said: “As a company that actively encourages participation in exercise, physical activity and competitive sport, we are delighted to have the opportunity to support this initiative.

“It’s a great time for women’s cycling, and with the Olympics just around the corner, and the ongoing focus on sport, health, and wellbeing, we hope that the Grand Prix Series will inspire more people to literally get on their bikes and become more active.” Bellabiker likes this alot 🙂

The Mens event takes place at 7pm Rapha Condor Sharp are leading the points table currently with Endura only trailing two points behind.

This is a fantastic opportunity for me to get in amongst it and get behind the Women’s Event…There will  be coverage  of the event on ITV4 on Saturday morning so get those recorder boxes set. If you happen to have missed the last ones here  is a link to the  ITV4 Player


The Danish Are Bike Mad…How To Commute In Style

Hey Y’all, what a couple of days I have had. The doubt had begun creeping in about whether my ambition for bellabikers was possible at the beginning of the week. It was right there with me when I walked out of the Airport in  Denmark. Then I walked into a Female World Champion and cycling legend Marianne Vos on top of that she was stood with Pro cyclist Kirsten Wild . I’m not religious in any way but that is about as close as it comes for me on the divine intervention front. I actually mumbled to myself “maybe I am supposed to do this?” Whilst stood between the cream of the  Dutch National Cycling Squad.

Kirsten Wild, Me, Marianne Vos

So work had kindly sent me to Denmark to do a course. Having never visited the country as a huge fan of anything on two wheels I unbeknown to me was about to be let into the Magic Kingdoom. Everyone rides EVERYONE! All the kids commute to school on bikes, I was  staying in a Hotel opposite a School and never once observed the road blocked with cars.

Copenhagen can only be described as a commuting cycling Mecca. Every where you go there are bikes  literally 1000’s of them.

Every street looked like this!

I saw very few mountain bikes but it is pretty much pan cake flat, the order of the day was fixies and a very traditional relaxed up right looking bike frames.

The upright bikes I saw every where

One of the fixies that caught my eye

Instead of seeing random mums commuting with a child on the back seat, front boxes where the norm with up to 4 small children in them!!!

How Mums Commute in Denmark

Everyone seemed to ride in gorgeous looking clothes and lycra was absolutely no wear to be seen.

How Girls do it in Copenhagen

This city has got it 100% right, dedicated cycle lanes where as much  a part of the transport info structure as white lines painted on roads. This kept cyclists and cars apart nearly all the time only having to share space when turning across the flow of traffic.

Cycle Lanes

This is probably why I only saw a few people wearing helmets, I think the other contributing factor is the driving laws are pretty simple always give way to a cyclist if you don’t your in the POO. The fact that nearly everyone rides must mean that drivers are more aware of how careless behavior could affect their fellow two wheeled road users.

I happened to be the country due to work. I was completely oblivious to the Danish cycling culture and their love affair with the bike. For anyone that rides I can highly recommend a visit, it is truely wonderful and enlightening to see a capital city functioning like this.

Bike Love for Copenhagen

The World Championships are taking place there in September. With the love and support for cycling  it is likely to be a truly awesome event. Just in case you fancy a visit to watch,  Easy Jet and few other low cost airlines fly in. You can grab the metro train from the airport and your in Copenhagen in 10 minutes.


Bellabiker meets Pro Cyclists Marianne Vos and Kirsten Wild

I can not stop smiling, work had decided to send me to Denmark for a course. I was initially on it in February. Luckily for me it was moved. Look who I bumped into today! The current  Cyclo-cross  & UCI Scratch race world champion  Marianne Vos and Pro rider Kirsten Wild

Bellabiker meets Kirsten Wild & Marianne Vos

As I was walking to our transport I spotted the Rabobank team car (who also co sponsor the Dutch National Squad). I nipped over to it and sheepishly asked the girls if I could have a photo with them. Have to admit  I felt like a crazy person disturbing them. They couldn’t have been nicer. After a quick exchange they told me they where off to recon the Wold champs course in Copenhagen. Oh to be a pro. I can not stop smiling this is one of my greatest random moments.  I brushed shoulders with a female cycling legend today, Inspired oh yes. Mega bike love today…with out even ridding my bike.