New Mountain Bike Routes in Rutland

The Forestry Commission have opened up a load of new runs for mountain bikers at Fineshade in Rutland they are looking ace. On top of that there is a mega coffee shop with some seriously lush ice cream too. Bring on the cyclo-cross season bellabiker just found a stonking training venue.


A Thing of Beauty

I spotted this whilst watching a Go Ride session run by Kings Cliffe Flyers on Thursday evening.

Dons Fixie

Turns out the frame was given to Don, she’s had a full refurb and paint job. I’ve never wanted a fixie before but looking at a bike like this I could be easily converted. Just looking at the picture make me wonder just what a Brooks saddle would feel like to ride on.

Amgen Tour of California Womens TT update

It wasn’t to be Emma Pooleys Day. She conceded 17 Seconds to the eventual winner Kirstin Armstrong.  Full race report here.

Amgen Tour of California Women's TT podium: 1st Kristin Armstrong (Peanut Butter Co & TWENTY12), 2nd Amber Neben (HTC-HighRoad), 3rd Charlotte Becker (HTC-HighRoad) - photo c Stephanie Gutowski

Tyler Hamilton goes on TV to say he saw Lance Armstrong use EPO

I awoke this morning to be greeted with this head line….’Tyler Hamilton saw Lance Armstrong use EPO’. Having an ex-team mate cast around these accusations is really not good for Lance or road cycling at all. I found my self having a little Peter Pan moment after chasing the news online “I want to believe in clean riders I do, I do”.

For the full news article check out this link

Tyler Hamilton goes on TV to say he saw Lance Armstrong use EPO

Womens International Time Trial Tour of California

Try and catch the coverage of this on itv4 tomorrow night

Emma Pooley will be the sole British representation in the womens event tomorrow in the tour of California womens Time Trial

Womens International Time Trail Tour Of California

Five Ways To Improve Women’s Cycling |

Great little article worth a read :

International Women’s Day: Five Ways To Improve Women’s Cycling |

My First Bellabiker Success

Is it that simple?

Give a girl a bike, take her to the local 10 mile Time Trial and get her to have a go?

So my tiny little vision to introduce more girls and women to cycling had its first success. I brought Sarah (a girl from work) along to our club time trail this week. She loved it. Have to give the lass her dues she rode one of my bikes, never having used a road bike or road gears she coped admirably. On top of that I couldn’t crack one of my pedals, so the little star rode in her trainers on top of my Look pedals. The great news is she loved it. My TT experience wasn’t so great with my beautiful planet X bike throwing in mechanical problems again. However I managed to squeeze 15 seconds off my time on the course. I always suffer on that one, its a tad lumpy and I am no racing snake.

But this week was never going to be about me, it is all about the one girl thats converted. We’ve all ready began talking about bikes and commuting to work and how to get her up and riding.

The Brucey  bonus is another girl from work Naomi heard me chatting away about Sarah and mentioned that she could not ride a bike!

Being from South Africa I was astounded that she had never learnt in her childhood. Could you imagine never ever knowing what it felt like to whizz down a hill or get anywhere under your own steam on a bike.  So out of no where I have been presented with my first complete beginner to get up and ridding!

I will certainly keep you all updated on how they both progress.