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How To Fall Off Your Bike

I have found that I am a bit of a master at something on my bike! So I can’t ride fast, or cut through mud like a hot knife through butter. I climb badly at best no matter how much time I put into training. But I still get out on my bike and have a go.
And a go I had last weekend on my cyclo cross bike. I went to Wakley Woods
for the first time. What a sneaky little find, it’s good fun. A nice red run, forty minutes of wiggly winding trails. When I was upright that is. Could I stay on my bike, nope. It was like I had my tree root homing device on. Anything I didn’t want to ride at or in to seemed to have the gravitational pull of Mars. My one saving grace was I did lots of sideways falling and no over the bars I’m yet to experience that little gem.

Today I took my mountain bike up there it was super fun but a word of warning it is a quagmire once it rains.
I have never seen mud like it. But surviving the slides was monster fun.

The coffee shop lady was so unimpressed when I turned up covered in mud almost head to toe.
This was mostly to do with coming off a few times. My friends will be sure to remind me just how good I am at falling off my bike.. Finally a brake through I’m good at something on a bike. Even if it’s falling off.